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  • Tears of God
    Though many may argue that he has been great for years now, “Tears of God,” can be described as the epitome of Caribbean Soul music. The title might suggest melancholy, but the music proves otherwise. A perfect mix of funk, ballad, reggae and soul, Emerson expresses his feelings of love while also addressing the destructive behaviors that plague society today. Yet, despite the harsh realities of our world, Hubert Emerson O is hopeful. This album is truly The GroWiser Band at its finest. Featured on this album: Bennie Murray, drums, Willie Riser, bass, Joe Lococo rhythm/lead guitar, Allen Fredrick, rhythm/lead guitar, Sahar Miller sax, Hubert Emerson O, vocals/keys
  • Old School Soul, Belize Style [Remastered]
    The old school dance is holding each other arm in arm, rocking back and forth, melting into each other's emotion. You don't even have to move or know how to dance. Hubert Emerson O & The GroWiser Band bring back those sentiments with, “Old School Soul, Belize Style.” This is the only album of covers done in the traditional style of The GroWiser Band; sentimental love songs that will either bring you closer to the one you love or send your imagination on a wonderful journey of pure satisfaction. Featured on this album: Allen Fredrick, keyboards, Joe Lococo, guitar, Jean Repetto, bass, Sahar Miller, sax, and Hubert Emerson O, vocals/keys/drums.
  • Better Be Good
    “Better Be Good,” is the boogie album of the GroWiser Band cd collection. Check out H E O's dynamic bass line on "Break the Chain." The album is a blend of funk and rock with lyrics that help you come to a conclusion. For those who think they are not sentimental, beware! The ballads, “Stole Some Love,” and “End of Times,” will expose those elusive tendencies. Featured on this album: Daniel Coffeng & Sean Mikuriya, rhythm/lead guitar, Sahar Miller, Rodney Byrd, & Nick Rous, saxophones, Hubert Emerson O, vocals/keys
  • Don't Look Back
    As the title track states, “Don’t Look Back,” is a cd that embraces moving forward. It speaks to realizations of love. It is a recognition of various stages of a relationship; whether it be the beginning, middle or the difficult end. Alongside the love songs is the hit message song, “Walking on Water,” which adds a touch of spirituality to the album. No matter the point in time, “Don’t Look Back,” will have you both dancing and relaxing. Featured on this album: Jenn Curiel, bass, Daniel Coffeng rhythm/lead guitar, Sahar Miller, Carl Green & Stephen Dreyfuss, saxophones, Hubert Emerson O, vocals/keys
  • Growiser
    This album is significant not only because it includes the socially important title track, “GroWiser,” but also because it is the only album of The GroWiser Band featuring the great saxophonist Sweet Daddy Lovie Lovejoy. He passed away in 2012 and left the gift of his sound for us to enjoy for a lifetime. The music on this album has a fluidity, brought about by the combination of Emerson’s rich vocals, Lovie’s seemingly talking sax and Stephen Jones’ in-the-pocket drums. The listener will be transported into another time as he or she hears Lovie echo Emerson’s call with each note. Prepare yourself to GroWiser……
  • Ball & Chain
    No cd collection would be complete without Hubert Emerson O's classic 1st release, “Ball & Chain.” Emerson shares his ability to rise above overwhelming feelings of sadness and loss through rhythm, melody and lyrics. Jeremy Hallet’s use of precise articulation and emotion on his saxophone compliment Emerson’s voice wonderfully. The Remastered version includes Sahar Miller accompanying Jeremy on saxophone and Sean Mikuriya on guitar. Amidst this album we discover that it is possible to heal a broken heart; and you will undoubtedly want to listen to these songs over and over again.
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Hubert Emerson Ortis: Tears of God
Hubert Emerson Ortis: Better Be Good Remastered
Hubert Emerson Ortis: Old School Soul, Belize Style
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Maurice Hayes - Wed, Jan 1
Hubert & Sahar

Wanted to take a moment today and wish the both of you a Happy New Year. I'm in Kansas City, MO with 4in. of snow. After a performance at the Philippine Cultural Center last night with my daughter Shanice.

It's great what you are doing with your son as I remember the many years that I spent teaching children throughout the midwest this thing we call music.

Remember that that along is the opening door to the spirit and the soul.


D.J.Haydin - Fri, Dec 27
Hey guys!
Back home now.....just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the fresh approach of your music recently .

Still trying to find "15 Minutes"

Richard Balison - Sat, Nov 16
Glad to have ran into in Santa Clara, matter of fact way back in 2009 October 11th I photographed you one night when King Perkoff was playing at the Saloon. Anyway you have a great sound.

Mike Palmonari - Sat, Nov 9

Your son is pretty good on the drums. Wow only 5 yo.


Jim Mathews - Tue, Nov 5
My Dear Friend,
Emerson it seems like only yesterday when we met but 1995 was so long ago. Your music caught my ear then just as it does now and it is still inspiring to this day. I'm honored and blessed to have you as a friend and knowing the family over the years. I have been an avid supporter since that first meeting as you know on the wharf with Big Daddy Love Joy that day. This past November 2nd 2013 at Angelica's was just another memorable night of more than I can count over the years watching you perform and going to many many venues of yours over the years, watching you grow as an artist and also watching the family grow and members becoming a part of the band as well. My friend countless people come and go in our lives, but there are a special few that stay and leave foot prints on our hearts! You my friend and the family are one of the special few. I love you my brother and the family as well. I look forward to the next time and sharing as well as creating more memories for both our families.
Cheers My Friend

Jim - Tue, Oct 15
Since coming back to Scotland two weeks ago I have had Tears of God in the car. Every time I hear Hungry Eyes I am right back there on the SF wharf with you. It was special. Thank you.

richard cohn - Mon, Oct 7
your buddy from south carolina. you made it baby and i am proud of you. Best reagrds

Gene - Fri, Sep 13
I always enjoy listening to your group at Fishermans's Wharf when I'm in town on business. Sarah's saxaphone playing is second to none; it's exciting to watch the energy and excitement she exherts when she plays; not to mention her outstanding saxaphone playing.

Michelle Gilmore - Sun, Aug 4
Hi Emerson..
It has been a long time.. not sure if you will remember us, but we had you to a party about 8 or nine years ago.. we are thinking aobut having a party next year, are you still doing private events?

Mary Eising - Thu, Jul 18
I'm finally getting around to checking your website. I saw you (Actually first heard that beautiful blending of your voices and music and HAD to check you out) at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco last month. I will tell you, some voices ,when they come together, are pure magic. The blending of Sahar and Hubert's voices are such voices. They compliment each other beautifully. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your music and I wish you all the success in the world. You're great!

billy springer - Tue, Jul 16
Emerson, I am one of your biggest fans. Your original song "Ball & Chain" was one of a kind. Your voice inflections tell a real story. I love all of your ballads and your message is loud and clear. (smile)

Jim Mathews - Tue, Apr 12
Hey Emerson!!!
It was great to see you at the Farmers market in Oakland my brother!! Will be sending you a wedding invite this year. Will see you again soon my friend. You have my contact info on my card. Stay in touch. God Bless you and the Family!!!

Michele - Mon, Feb 7
I had the pleasure of listening to Hubert and Sarah at Fisherman's Wharf while visiting San Francisco this past week. It was one of the highlights of my trip. Thanks.

Michelle - Sun, Jan 23
Beautiful music. Saw Emerson at the Wharf two nights ago.

Helen Crothers - Wed, Dec 29
Looking forward to hearing about your shows!

Stan Lee - Fri, Nov 19
If I only knew. I'm the fellow that seems to be following you guys around all year. Various art and wine affairs except the always cold and foggy Half Moon gig or at Friday's Chinatown Farmers Market or even down at the Fishermen's Wharf last week or so. I will miss seeing you guys since I'm heading back over the pond to Hawaii. I will be back in February 2011. So cheers and enjoy the holidays with your love ones. Mele Kalikimaka!! or Merry Xmas! Mahalo, Stan

Curtis Kifer - Thu, Jul 15
Saw Hubert and Sahar on Fisherman's Wharf Wednesday night, July 14th. Quite rockin'! The two of you are inspired, but it was Sahar's sweet sax melodies I could hear from afar that drew me in for a closer look. Sorry I was yelling: "Yeahhhh! Whewwww! These guys roooock! Seeeee? There is still some heart left in this world!" (Even though I meant every word!)

Mike and Cathy Yeary - Tue, Jul 6
We had a great time on Sun 7/4 with you guys...remember me? The guy who took over your organ & was playing like he knew what he was doing? Bought you a Belgian beer? Just wanted to say thanks for a great time & wonderful music!

David Parker - Mon, Jul 5
I saw you guys the past 2 years at Fisherman's Wharf. You guys are awesome! I'm the guy with the hook.

Gô¡bor Karig - Fri, Jul 2
I heard you today in SF at the fishermanswarf. I came from Hungary. It is far away. I love jazz music. I loved your music today. I bought a CD. I would be glad to meet and hear you again. And again. And ... Greetings, love!

Daniel Schmidt - Mon, Jun 21

I heard your entire show at the Farmers Market in Redwood city as I sold Kettle Corn. You were go good, and everyone was grooving with your music, and everyone commented on how great your voice was and I was dancing the entire time.

It's been a long time since I have heard such great music, I bought your CD, and I listen to it everyday.

I hope to see you guys again at more markets.

Thanks so much for letting me get a chance to hear you.

Daniel Schmidt

Andrea - Thu, Jun 10
With my husband, we listen to your music at the Wharf the 14th of May. Our vacation is finished but my husband talk about you to all his friends in Martinique.
We really enjoy what you play.
We'll come back, because we keep a very good memory of this day.

Patrice - Tue, May 18
Hi there.
Thanks again for the great memories I brought back to France, when we saw you at the warf in San Francisco!It was fantastic!
Keep it up!!!

Val & Larry - Sun, May 16
Hi Emerson & Family: It's been so long since we've seen you. I know the kids must be growing like crazy!! Anyway, we miss ya. You are doing so wonderful with your music, and I know you are touching alot of peoples lives with the love you put into it. Take care, love Larry & Val - Sacramento, CA. Aunt Chris says hi too!!

Cynthia Hinestroza - Fri, May 14
Thank you for all your emails update. Looking forward in your performance at the Redwood City Farmers Market.

Dwight Stevens - Mon, Feb 8
Your music is awsome. The music with sole like Motown combined with Jazz makes the sound awsome. You need more exposure. Mail ypor music to like Oprah shows etc. Then do relief fundraisers etc. Have a great day

Joel Straughan - Mon, Feb 8
Just landed on your web site and wanted to say Hi! I am also from Belize and live up in Northern Cali as well (Newark) where I have been living since 1978. I will do more follow-up to latch on to your music.

Denise and Charles Connors - Tue, Jan 5
Hello Emerson and Sahar,

We really enjoyed the musice and talking with you all on New Year's Eve! We purchased one of your CD's but the song that I really enjoyed and was looking forward to listening to again was not on the CD. I think the song was titled "Awesome". That is the word that was repeated many times during the lyrics. We really like your music and hope to see and hear you again real soon.

Terri Worthington - Fri, Dec 25
My 20 yr old son and I spent 4 days in San Francisco this past summer when I first saw you and Sahar. Both of you were amazing. I made it a point to return each day during our stay and bought a CD. I have listened to it nearly every day since I came home especially on the days I drive to Cal Poly Pomona for classes. The vocals are so soothing and the saxaphone is magical. The music just puts me in a great positive frame of mind and takes me back to the wonderful time we spent in San Francisco. I can't wait to get up north again and catch another show soon. Your gifts are fantastic.

I decided to get an Ipod so I can listen to you after I get out of the car while walking to classes. Now I'm ordering more CDs so I'll be ready for the start of winter quarter in January. Thank you Emerson and Sahar for making my days more peaceful.

Terri Worthington

De Anna - Sun, Sep 20
Was the biggest treat at Fisherman's Wharf!
Hubert, an amazing artist with a vocal magic which truly allows the listener to feel the music.
A perfect gentlemen! Not to mention, allowing me to purchase the CD a dollar short, which has now become a priceless possession of mine.
Sahar, flows with such natural rhythm and is a breathtaking presence to view live.
Thank you for providing me with such an awesome addition to my music collection.


Stan Lee - Tue, Sep 1
Its always a pleasure to see you along with Sahar performing. I want you guys to know that there is a connection to your music and I look forward to seeing and hearing your music soon again. I enjoy taking pictures and creating tile coasters/hangers which I give away. Its my gift for the joy that you bring to us. Thxs again, Stan

Denise & Charles Connors - Wed, Aug 26
Hi Emerson and Johanna,

Just looking at your sight and thinking of the wonderful time we had when you performed at our house. Looking for your calendar of events? Would love to come see you again. Hope all is well with you guys!

Immy Brewer - Wed, Jul 29
You guys are great! I heard you play aweeks ago at the Farmer Market in Oakland and was so impressed. I luv saxophone and Sahar Miller plays a mean sax. I would like to book you guys for Labor Day (September 7th)for 3hours; 3pm - 6pm (that's my money roll). I will come by Farmer's Market this Friday July 31stto hollar at you. There are approximately
75-100 at our Labor Day affair. I checked your calendar and contract
schedule but I did't know if you booked on holidays. Will be in touch.
You guys are amazing!!!!!

Kenn - Thu, Jul 2
WE really enjoyed your music last night,love to hear Shahar,play that Sax,she's great. Love the CD,plan to buy more.Please keep in touch.In case you don't remember us,just think BELIZE MONEY

De Pelseneir - Fri, Jun 5
I buy your cd last week in San Fransisco,
Great music

terri caldwell - Thu, May 14
Hi Emerson, listening to your new cd....sounds great. Enjoyed seeing you briefly in January at the Wharf. We hope to be back January 2010...I'll let you know...would love to see Johanna and the kids...tell Johanna 'hi' from Texas. :) Keep up the good work and making people happy with your music. terri :)

Carmine + Linda Marciano - Wed, May 13
It's so nice to hear from you. My Wife was tired while I was listening to your New and Remastered Music and she is sleeping like a baby on the couch. It's a nice and comforting felling listening to your music and I am so happy you included us in your e-mail. We miss ya buddy. I wish I could meet you at the pear and listen to you wonderful music like we have in the past but unfortunately I fallen to the economy and was layed off afer 24 years of service in the Semiconductor industry. No problem though. I have worked hard since I was 9yrs old and I am 46 now. I have had a break and I actually traded one of my old tractors for a Harley 1980 Ironehead Motorcyle and just started to enjoy life like I have never done before. I have all my Buddies listening to your awsome Music and explain how I traveled all the time to San Fran and sat with my wife and enjoyed your music and even bought you a cold beer for ya now and then right behind where you play. You are a inspiration to a lot of people and I want you to know all though we can not be there with you now, I will come back some day with my family to visit you. Times are tough but you make it easier on people. Music is a wonderful thing and you have a special Talent and use it to help people. Your the best Buddy. Thanks again for keeping Linda and I on Your mailing list. You made out night. Just like may others. Big Love and take care.

Carmine and Linda Marciano....(She's Sleeping) Thanks to you...........

She needs the rest.......

Richard Friese - Thu, Nov 20
Hi we met a few years ago and my wife and i are going to be in the San Fran area for Thanksgiving. We were wondering if Mr. Emerson was going to be playing anywhere.
Thank You

Deb Kersten - Wed, Oct 22
Emerson, my sister and I saw you while visiting San Francisco from Central Wisconsin. I enjoyed what I heard almost immediately and bought two CDs. I totally love them and love your sound. Thanks for the music.

Deb Kersten
Wausau, Wisconsin

Paul Backer - Wed, Oct 8
Emerson: I think your great but I just wanted to let you know that it was not by pure accident that I had asked you to play Amazing Grace this summer when my wife and I were on vacation. Whether you believe it or not it was a divine appointment. There are many things that were seeded in your past and now the Holy Spirit wants to set them free. The only thing that is asked of you is to give your heart to the Lord. God bless you and your family.

Warren & Patty Gaisser - Wed, Sep 24
I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting and talking to you and your family this weekend at Heritage Days. As I mentioned to you then, in all the years I have attended the festival I have never attended both days and only returned Sunday to listen to your extraordinary music. You are an amazing artist. Your incredible voice, so full of feeling and emotion, blended with the array of such soulful original songs, makes you truly unique in the world of music today. But by far the most special moment to me was the thoughtfulness you showed to Bianca when we finally had to leave. It will be remembered and treasured forever.

India Richardson - Tue, Sep 16
Great sound. I hear you last Saturday in San Francisco at the fishermanswarf.

C. Hinestroza - Fri, Sep 5
It is always nice to listen to his songs at the Farmers Market, downtown Redwood City.

Joseph L. & Andrea Vergne - Sun, Aug 10
When we first heard Emersons music back in the late 90's we were captured by his amazing talent. Every year we return back to San Francisco from the Central Coast to hear him sing. Wow!

Mike Forcht - Sat, Aug 9
Caught some of your show in Burlingame today and really enjoyed it, especially your sax player. I don't see her mentioned on your home page, but would be interested in learning more about her. As a novice sax player, I'm looking for a teacher to take some lessons from and would like to know if she's available. Thanks.


Alex Reyes - Sun, Jul 20
It was a plasure getting your business card while u were leaveing when I saw @ the corner where the Big fishermans warf sign god bless u & I invite u to visit my website


Take care & if u have a Myspace add me!! My e-mail address is alex@djalexreyes.com

write me back!!

Ramona Saunders - Thu, May 29
When I heard your beautiful music I had to stopand listen...reminded me of Al Green....it sound so good...I bought your c.d. Ball and Chain.
I'd like to get one of the other ones also. I was at the warf, I really enjoyed sitting there listening to you. I also love your sax...she is beautiful. Well im hopeing to contact you if i can find a number for you or by e-mail, I want to go to one of your performances coming up soon. Your baby is beautiful, she is a reflection of who you are...
Im from elk grove ca....I'd like to know if you do home visits for small party's.....thank you your fan....Ramona..

Ramona saunders - Wed, May 28
your music is beautiful! You can feel it in your heart, and thats what real music is all "about".

John Whelan - Thu, May 15
I was fortunate enough to be in San Francisco last week and heard the group. I ate lunch while I listened to them. The music was fantastic and Sahar on sax, well, I fell in love all over again! She is drop dead gorgeous.

Emerson is a fantastically creative musician. I bought two of the albums on offer - 'Ball and Chain' and 'Don't Look Back'.

Beautiful music that I can enjoy for years to come back here in Adelaide, Australia.

Thank you very much.

John C Whelan

Larry & Val Crawford - Sat, Dec 29
Hi everyone, hope to see you soon!!

Holly - Wed, Nov 7
I heard you recently at Santana Row, I LOVED your sound and bought a CD. I tried to buy more, but the pay by check web contact did not work? I guess I'll just have to go to the next event on your calendar that is nearby and buy them in person. I wanted to give them as Christmas presents. I play Ball and Chain over and over again...wow



David Hernandez - Tue, Sep 4
Thanks guys for letting me sit in at the Millbrae Festival !!!
It was a blast.
See ya again !!!

Billy Springer - Thu, Aug 2
You Bad bro...

luis gomez,smyrna delaware - Thu, Jun 14
met you a couple of years ago on the wharf,purchased your cd's which you signed for me...my wife and i are planning to return to the city for our wedding aniversary,april of 2008...we will be looking for you...

Billy Springer - Mon, Apr 30
Emerson you are Barry White all over again, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your giving me your schedule of events. You are one of the most talented musicians I have seen in my life and I have seen a lot of them. Keep up the good work and I will see you as soon as I can.

Janine - Wed, Mar 28
I always enjoy your emails. I am truely a fan. You were playing on Fishermen Wharf in September of 2004. I was in town to see DMB in concert for a festival in the park. I am in San Diego. When I got to SF I checked into my Wharf Hotel and cruised down to the markets. I didnt make it very far. I heard some music that I adored! I followed the sound and found you ,,alone,,playing. I stood there for 10 minutes untill I finally sat down and listened to you for well over a hour! On your break I spoke with you about your music and wished I had a CD of yours. Lucky me,you had a few CDs left. I bought two. One for me one for my Daughter. You even signed both copies for me!! We both know that CD by heart!! Many of my friends made copys of it also. When in SF we all look ya up so we can visit your shows. Its a must see in SF. We always buy your new CDs you have out. You are now so popular you dont play on the Wharf hardly at all. But we look ya up before we go to SF to see where we can find you!! You have many many fans here in San Diego!! Thank You for always emailing us with up dates! Maybe one day you will play here. This city is all about sweet R&B tunes in the Gas Lamp Quarter . Its a huge well lite place that everyone in SD goes to. The clus there are Jazz..lots of Blues..and major stars play at our 4th and B club. In summer people come from all over to walk and shop and eat and listen to amaaing music. Everyone just parks and walks it all. Its great cus there are no cars driving by this way. All packed with people. Its a summer must do!! I just wanted to Thank You again for signing my CDs and talking to me during your breaks. Next time in SF..I will see ya then.

Janine in San Diego

Billy Springer - Mon, Mar 12
Emerson you are Barry White reincarnated. I love your music, I live in the bay area and love seeing you every time I visit the City. That "gravel" voice of yours is one of a kind!

Jeannine Lukesic (Simmons) - Mon, Mar 5
You are so awesome. I really miss being there to hear you play since Ron died. i will be back soon. Looking forward to seeing you and getting the big hug from you both.
Love you Lots

Carolyne - Sun, Feb 4
Saw you in Sunnyvale have your new CD it is great will enjoying listerning to it many, many times.
Looking forward in following you and hearing the wonderful music you compose. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. Your daughter Eve is following her PaPa what a delight to see and hear her
in action.

Hi Emerson, Johanna and Eve Marie!!! We havn't been to San. Fran. in a while. I've been out of work since Oct. but looks like I will be going back really soon. We're having so much fun with ALL the grandkids. Eve Marie is really growing up fast and so adorable. We miss you all. See you maybe end of Feb. Lots of love, Val & Larry, SACRAMENTO, CA.

Denise Connors - Wed, Jan 31
We will check you out at Zingari's. So happy to hear about your new album?

Evonne-Leonora - Sun, Dec 31
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Emerson. May I take this opportunity to wish you and your smashing family a very Happy New Year. It is now Two Double O Seven. May you and your family be blessed with much Peace, success, happiness, and good health for the coming year.

Happy New Year!!!
Lots of love from Evonne and Alex.xxxxx.

Snowdon Queen - Thu, Dec 7
This is a very superb site. I have cruised the entire site and really love Emerson's songs, especially the songs from his Growiser Album. I also love Its time to Say Goodbye and One More Cup of Coffee from the Don't Look Back album. And what a superb gravelly voice you have Mr. Emerson. These are really songs to help a person to get her groove back. Thank you for making your heart available to not just your family and friends, but to the rest of the world. Keep on singing and making music, and may God bless you and your family.

Snowdon Queen. England, UK.

Carmine Marciano - Mon, Dec 4
Carmine here sending you nore from Maine in the great white north. Linda and I are married now and are still on our everlasting honeymoon. Thanks for your wonderful music we can listen to and think about the wonderful times we have had in Ca. visiting San Fran and you. Can't wait to come back/
Big Love......

Hope all is well
Mr. and Mrs. Marciano

Bernd - Fri, Jul 21
Hello Emerson, I visite SF a couple of times (sometimes alone, sometimes with my customer) and listen to your music - just great. During my last visit I spoke with you for a long time. I bought your CD for every customer of me - they are happy. See you during my next visit. Take care ... Bernd

Heven - Fri, Mar 31
Hi,,I met you while visiting SF last yr. I stoped and spoke with you for a very long time. I bought you CD too! I am in San Diego. I do follow your work. I am a fan! TY for sending me your site! I really enjoyed soeaking to you and hearing you play!God Bless,,Heven

Peter K. - Thu, Feb 23
Hi Emerson,my phone number is +420723252798. I have tried to send you sms,but it hadn't possible.When you call between 8 a.m. and 12 a.m.,I hang up between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. in our time.Time difference is 9 hour.Have a nice day!

Tom Lewis - Wed, Feb 22
Hi Emerson, My son in law, Mohammed and I enjoyed your music and conversation. I love the two latest CD's. Thanks, and I'll see you again.
Tom in Martinez

Carmine Marciano and Linda Nelson - Tue, Jan 24
Linda and I will be getting Married Sept,23rd. I will try to send you a Picture of us. You must be very busy but I just wanted to let you know, your Music has been a very special part of both our our lives. You are truly a insperation. I can't wait to come out to Ca. to see you again.

Big Love.. Carmine+Linda

Dan Kane - Sat, Dec 17
Hi, my name is Dan..and I went to California over summer and saw you play and bought your Dont Look Back album. I just wanted to let you know that I loved it and play it on the radio all the time here in Chicago.

Manfred - Wed, Dec 7
Hallo mein Name ist Manfred.
Meine Frau und ich waren im Mô¤rz 2004 in San Franzisco am Fishermans Warf.wir sind ganz bebeistert von eurer Musik.Ich hatte ein kurzes gesprô¤ch mit Carl
er hat mir erzô¤hlt das er in Deutschland auch schon gespielt hat.Wenn wir nô¤chstes Jahr wieder kommen werden wir euch bestimmt wiedersehen.Mery Cristmas and Happy New Year.Manni

Linda Cornejo - Tue, Dec 6
Hello, I'm Linda. I don't think you would remember me.I'm a good friend of Butch.He sometime works for you. Also the wife of Hector the Peruvian musician. Pleasa don't hold that against me.(Ha ha). I love your music. Have a happy holiday. Bye

Marcus Holbrook - Wed, Nov 16
I saw Emerson perform at the Fisherman's Wharf around July 20th 2005. I was with a teen tour group ATW visiting the west and Id have to say seeing Emerson play that day was a great San Fran experience. I bought his "Dont look back" CD and enjoy it to this day.

Bob Junger - Sat, Nov 5
I saw merson and his saxaphonist October 5 in San Fracisco Fisherman's wharf. I loved the music and am sorry I only purchesed 1 CD. I went out and purchased a Teddy Pendergrass CD when Emerson said he sang in Teddy'ss style. I like Emerson better! So soulful!

Janine T. Dryer - Wed, Aug 31
I live in San Diego. I was in SF last Sept. and saw this man play! I bought a CD and he signed it for me. I LOVE that CD! Thank You!!!!

MERCI.la music est super.les photos aussi.je suis ô  PARIS FRANCE cela me fait un peut loingpour venirmes merci quand meme.a+

Bryan & Candace Fine - Wed, Aug 31
...you brought tears to some and happiness to all
the world was your audience
thank you so much for what you shared that afternoon
...a positive lasting impression to all

Matt - Thu, Aug 25
My lady Gina and I loved your tunes across from the Fish Grotto in SF last Sunday, 8/20/05. You played one called 'TKO' I believe. It that song available? Will it be on a CD soon? I'm certain the lyrics mirror my current growing relationship. We're enjoying your 'Don't Look Back CD' Sincerely, Matt

Sonia Lee - Fri, Aug 5
Mr. Emerson, I forgot to mention that I visited San Francisco from Washington, D.C. (Maryland). I bought your CD and Bernard's CD and listening them in car. I like to visit your area next time again,then, I hope you do remember us again.

Bruce Walters - Thu, Jun 23
Hi Emerson, still playing Ball & Chain here in southern France and loving it. Will be back in SFO and Tahoe this Xmas and look forward to catching up with you

david Aldridge - Thu, Jun 23
Fan from the UK, collected all CD's and seen live in San Fran many times (when I lived there!)

Terri - Thu, Jun 16
Emerson, I'm so glad you were there this year. Listening to your cd's "keep" me right there on that bench at the wharf. Hoping to see you next year. :) Terri from Austin, Texas

Lisa Preader - Sat, Jun 11
Emmerison~ Your voice and your words touched my heart. Thank you

brenier - Fri, May 6
je ne parle pas americain je suis venu recement et au detour d'une rue votre musique m'a accrochée,j"ai achetté le cd,j'aimeje suis le parisien rouquin et barbu,à bientot j'esperre.jacques

Donna - Tue, Mar 22
I first saw you at the Wharf in 2002, I think. It is about time you get that new CD out. I have been waiting for two years, can harldy wait to get it. Thanks, love the music.

The Ratcliffe family - Thu, Mar 17
My family and I visited San Francisco in 1997. My parents heard you sing and play at a local festival in San Anselmo. My dad bought your 'Ball and Chain' cassette and we listened to it non stop untill a few years ago when we moved house and we misplaced it. We are ecstatic to have finally found your website, and to find that your still singing. Keep up your great work.

Best Wishes The Ratcliffe family
Sydney, Australia

Deborah - Thu, Mar 17
Emerson, you have no idea how the last song you played (for me) today
blessed my heart....I had just broken up with someone that I was sure was perfect...well, almost, I need to find someone just like him.......is that how the song went? Let me know how to get the cd - blessings on you!

Marsha - Thu, Mar 17
Hello Emerson, your the best, and we love your music. Grow Wiser really sent a message to me. My Husband and I listen to your music all the time, we have two of your CD's. We hope to come back next summer and hopw to look you up.

Richard - Thu, Mar 17
you made my wife and i have the most enjoyable trip down highway 1 with your cd a playin,thankin ya and hopein you have the most wonderful new year do what ya love
richard from colorado

Kelvin - Thu, Mar 17
hi emerson, this is just to say sitting on fishermans wharf listening to your music has left very special memories in our minds.your lady wife and daughter were there that day in july 03.it was our 25th anniversary trip to the u.s. we really enjoyed the experience.i just ordered your cd on the web.our particular favourite was walking on water.all the best for 2004
kelvin and tonia from the u.k.

Mary - Thu, Mar 17
I've been coming to the Wharf a number of times over the last two years and have always been delighted when I catch you performing. Bought both your CD's. Came back Tuesday with my sister who said she could sit and listen toyour music all day.

Rick Massey - Thu, Mar 17
Just wanted to let you know how far your fan base stretches.
From your biggest fan in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Rick Massey

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